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Digital collaboration


Professional online meetings allow uncomplicated, efficient, flexible collaboration and perfect coordination with other locations and teams. Process-based modular solutions for successful collaboration in your company. Wherever you are.

Video conferencing

Being able to meet anywhere at any time to communicate and share knowledge. Video conferencing with Smartboards enables employees to collaborate across different devices, offices and time zones.


  • Video conferencing systems: Devices and multipoint features
  • Telepresence systems: Stand-alone solution for use in the office or conference room. With large-sized displays or interactive whiteboard, an integrated camera, microphone and loudspeaker.
  • Conference accessories
  • Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)
  • Conference server
  • Screen sharing
  • Recording option of the meeting/conference
  • Support and maintenance contracts
  • Interactive whiteboards / smartboards

Video conferencing equipment

Reliable, professional audio and video solutions for a first-class meeting experience, including comprehensive integration of other support tools in hardware and software, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Video conferencing with Smartboards

Combining video conferencing and interactive whiteboards with each other enables high quality interaction between participants and thus supports and enhances know-how sharing and knowledge management. Such collaborations can help to better identify, connect, evaluate content together and use it the best possible way in strategy and operations.

Screen sharing with Smartboards

Another optional feature to improve collaboration and interaction during video conferences is the possibility to connect all participants, so that they all see the same window, desktop or document. They can work on it together and each can share content remotely with each other. In the process, team roles could also be changed and reassigned «on the fly» between participants.


Moderate. Showcase, Captivate. The use of the latest presentation technology focuses the audience’s attention and drives their involvement. With our modular collaboration systems one can easily structure, interact and communicate.


  • Audio and video systems
  • Displays in all sizes and CMS software
  • Accessories such as visualisers, controllers, etc.
  • Interactive whiteboards / smartboards
  • ARCOS – the digital whiteboard tailored to your needs
  • Beamers and screens, tailored to your needs
  • Support and maintenance contracts
  • Content productions


To be used with a projector or smartboard to visualize your content. Ideal for daily use in class or boardrooms and best suited for presentations and meetings. Compact replacement of classic overhead projectors with new functions such as “screen sharing, picture-in-picture mode and digital cover function”, picture and video storage function, options to integrate digital content.

Projector and screens

The high-performance projector throws high-resolution, large-format images onto the wall or screen, helping to optimally visualize the presentation to the audience.

Audio Solutions

Microphones, loudspeaker systems, networks and communication. We advise, design and turn your sound visions into reality. Manage and support your projects with the latest technologies in audio communication.

Smartboards / Interactive Displays

Be dynamic and versatile, switch freely between topics, interact with participants and encourage dialogue. Achieve better results and make the most of your latest digital resources.

Presentation displays

Improve your digital presentation system with large displays for attractive placement of information and messages. Beneficial for the quality of video conferencing, for the use as public displays or as interactive whiteboards in meeting or classrooms. There are many sizes and options available. Allow us to advise you.

ARCOS – the digital blackboard

Our new and unique blackboard system for modern tuition. Suitable for any type of classroom, auditorium or meeting room. ARCOS offers maximum adaptability, having multiple versions available with different extensions and many more options. Maintenance-free and made in Switzerland.

Swiss Made
In-house development by Arvis Solutions in Swiss quality.

Flexible and durable
Scratch-resistant, high-quality, magnetic whiteboard writing surfaces, like classic wall boards, various versions and add-on options available.

Maximum adaptability to room space and target group (wall or floor mounting, height adjustable, flexible, easy to shift), easy to exchange with other Boardsize options.


Our efficient presentation tools enable impressive communication and lively dialogue in a constructive atmosphere.

  • Create and share content
  • Enable simple and efficient collaboration between all participants
  • Moderate and manage group work with one screen – regardless of the location of the participants
  • Promote dialogue: connect and interlink with other mobile devices and displays
  • Encourage collaboration: Share, collaborate and edit documents and papers together.
  • Freely integrate and display print media or objects
  • Make optimal use of space thanks to height adjustability and wheels.


Server & Hosting

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