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Digital learning


Modern education with the use of digital media helps to break down barriers and enables a stronger presence in the classroom. ARVIS digital learning solutions help you to closely connect the different relevant parties in educational centres in order to better exchange knowledge, content and experiences.



Interactive boards are efficient presentation tools and promote effective, impressive communication and lively dialogue in a constructive atmosphere. The simple application inspires speakers, managers or entire teams alike and is highly recommended for the exchange of information within teams, during business presentations, workshops and for seminars:

  • Wayfinder: The touch-friendly digital building directory of 3D Wayfinder offers numerous advantages
  • Content production and management for Infopoints
  • Hardware procurement, installation and support
  • Smartboards incl. software and interactive whiteboard system
  • Conference equipment incl. video conferencing
  • Digital signage for indoor and outdoor use
  • Various accessories and add-ons
  • Support and maintenance contracts


Digital learning

With our ARCOS system, we create a practice-based, digital learning environment for you. Digital tools and aids should not replace analogue processes, but rather complement them. They should also do that in a really playful and simple way, for example in the active involvement of all relevant parties. This way, no important idea is lost during the exchange of ideas.

The system can process different information inputs simultaneously. With the help of the digital end devices, pupils are thus able to actively and constructively participate in the lessons, which leads to an increase in motivation and participation rates.

  • High-quality whiteboard writing surface, magnetic, scratch-resistant, writable, wipeable
  • For easy and efficient collaboration
  • Content can be transferred almost in real time
  • Manage group work with one screen
  • Enable display mirroring and connectivity with other mobile devices
  • Height adjustable & flexible
  • Easy display change possible
  • Touch display
  • Video conferencing
  • Projector & screen
  • Visualizer
  • Steles & Wall (public area)

Interactive Touch-Displays

Inform teachers, pupils and/or students quickly and easily about stand-ins, changes or internal activities, lost property, upcoming events and much more with modern displays, placed throughout the school grounds and centrally supplied with information.

Our Screens are available in a variety of sizes and can be used in any environment – offering crystal clear resolution and extremely responsive touch screen technology.

They are ideal for meetings of up to six people and also open up new opportunities as interactive retail displays and signpostings.

ARCOS – The flexible, interactive whiteboard system

Our own development – the ARCOS system – replaces the tried and tested classic blackboard and combines it with the new interactive media. The new and unique board system for modern teaching with electric height adjustment is finding its way into classrooms, meeting rooms and lecture halls. ARCOS offers maximum adaptability through various versions, expansion stages and options. Maintenance-free and only in Switzerland.

Maximum adaptability
to your wishes and needs through various versions, expansion stages and options.

Due to the large height adjustment range of 70 cm, the system can be adapted to all users.

Display change
Displays can be changed and replaced easily- just by unhooking them. No system adjustments necessary.

High-quality whiteboard writing surfaces magnetic and scratch-resistant

Wall and floor mounting possible with concealed wall mounts or pylons specifically designed for lightweight construction walls. Applicable for every Smartboard. Any interactive 65″ to 86″ display available in the market can be mounted centrally in the system.

Video conferencing solutions

Today’s workplace is all about collaboration. With the latest video conferencing solutions from ARVIS, teams can talk, send files, share screens and exchange ideas on interactive whiteboards. Make sure all your meetings are easy, productive and enjoyable.

Our professional audio and video conferencing equipment is designed to give you a first-class meeting experience. The controls are intuitive and the hardware is of the highest quality.

From large staff meeting rooms to boardrooms, training rooms to small meeting rooms, our solutions enable reliable video conferencing and wireless presentations.

Our comprehensive conferencing solution offers a consistent experience and can be implemented or complemented with various screens and interactive whiteboards. We also offer integrations with Skype for Business, Outlook, Cisco, Polycom, Slack, Hipchat and others for a smooth workflow.

Projector and screens

Projector presentation is an alternative presentation technology that many schools use today. The device is controlled using a laptop or PC. The high-performance projector throws high-resolution, large-format images onto the wall or screen to aid visualization.

In contrast to front projection, rear projection with a beamer illuminates the screen from behind rather than from the frontside. Rear projection is mainly used for video walls and special room conditions.


The Visualizer is ideal for daily use in school and meeting rooms and is best suited for presentations. Its compact design takes up very little space on your desk. Thanks to their screen sharing, picture-in-picture and digital cover functions, Visualizers can replace the classic overhead projectors, if connected to a digital projector or interactive Smartboard.

They can store photos and videos on SD cards or USB data carriers and can save the live image or record videos at any time, even directly on the USB data carrier. Most Visualizers have microphone and integrated audio inputs/output ports. With interactive Smartboards, the Visualizer offers you almost unlimited possibilities to integrate existing material (books, worksheets, etc.) directly into the digital presentation.

Steles and Walls

Digital signage. We will find the right steles for your educational institution, help you with the design and supply the suitable software.

Welcome, guide and entertain your customers and visitors at the reception, in the library, in the rest area or at events with our indoor digital signage steles or LED walls. Today, digital signage is the most effective and fastest way to reach your audience with individual messages via interlinked and connected digital displays.