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Digital Signage


Our digital signage solutions are individually tailored to your needs, modular in design and easy to use.


  • Large-sized
  • Effective
  • Interactive via touchscreen
  • Pioneering
  • Customized
  • Intelligent (for additional targeting possibilities)
  • Up-to-date – easy editing and integration
    of content including streams via software solution
  • Increases transparency and integration of team and clients.


Indoor Systeme

Special public display solutions, centrally controllable and interlinked.

Outdoor systeme

Specific outdoor solutions for public spaces, resistant to unstable weather conditions and other influences.

Digitale orientation systems

Digital signposts, room management and signage systems.

Digital door signs

Digital door signs, interconnected with office and signage systems. Centrally controlled.

Touch displays

Multi-touch displays for interactive use – as table, information terminal, stele, virtual shop window. Centrally controllable.

Interactive menu boards

Digital display boards with the possibility of interactive exchange, use and helpful for example in gastronomy.

Reception monitors

Information and reception screens for welcoming visitors.

Digital info boards

Digital information noticeboards and displays with or without touch function. Possibility to communicate and distribute push messages, interact and inform. Can be used in many ways in hotels, gastronomy, production – among other things, to support processes and make them visible.

Public Displays

Large sized displays with or without the ability to interact.

Software & Training


With our smart software solutions it is possible to control all your devices conveniently and centrally via an online portal. They allowe you to manage the content for all end devices at all locations worldwide from any computer.

We offer two possible options:

Express (for local management):
A streamlined yet comprehensive solution for small business owners. You have the ability to create, schedule and present your business content in your In-Store-Displays or shop windows. Software features are available for PC (Windows®/Mac®), tablet (Android™/iOS™) or smartphone (Android/iOS) and can be used without much training.

Server (for network management):
Comprehensive solution for your central administration management. When multiple displays need to be connected and content optimized across all displays, Server provides a seamless, network-based solution that brings all elements together in a simplified format. Content delivery and hardware control can then be easily handled so you can focus on more important matters.

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We make you fit for the digital future and show you what is possible to do, so that you can fully use your Digital Signage solution for your purpose.

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Server & Hosting

Are you looking for a secure server & hosting partner?

We can offer you the right solution for your needs.We would be happy to present our Server & hosting options to you.

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