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Collaborative tools as the basis for successful cooperation.



In times of globalization, home office and digitalization, modern business solutions and new platforms support and promote teamwork and cross-team networking.

New management approaches, such as Agile and Digital Leadership, support this development and shift the classic hierarchical management principles towards a self-determined, free and self-organising work culture in a company.

Such collaborative tools are becoming more and more important with the rising needs of network management. They are intended to help make companies more agile and adaptable, so that employees can easily come together and interact with each other for the benefit of the company and the team.

Working is now no longer a fixed organised sequence of processes, but parallel or time-delayed joint action in real time under the umbrella of a common objective.

The document belongs to everyone and not to a team leader. Processing no longer takes place sequentially one after the other but happens analogously to a stream in the flow of joint action. These changes require completely new solutions and tools to ensure an overview and perspective for everyone and to enable the creative process of collaboration for everybody.

ARVIS Digital Collaboration offers you the needed tools for a modern collaborative work environment in your company.

  • Video conferencing/meetings
  • Presentation
  • Smartboards
  • Room Booking and Signage tools
  • Sensor-controlled signposts

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