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Construction & Real Estate


Real estate dealers, architects, construction companies or property developers will have to face new challenges in the foreseeable future when it comes to winning customers and orders.



The presentation of your work, your tender, your company will become increasingly important both on your own business premises and on your construction sites. The public demand for information, presented comprehensibility and transparent is increasing at the same time. Tomorrow’s orientation solutions are sought after in real estate construction management. ARVIS Digital signage solutions offer companies in the construction and real estate industry interesting product solutions and systems, designed and tailored for their needs.

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Product solutions

Outdoor Steles

The most modern form of providing information on site is one of Arvis Solution AG’s areas of expertise. Show your customers the way and offer insight. The content can be adapted quickly and flexibly and thus always provide the consumer with the desired information, advice and guidance. Complement the outdoor pillars with interactive products for the indoor area and maximise the brand experience.

Indoor steles

We will find the right steles for your company, help you with the presentation design and supply the appropriate software.

Welcome, guide and entertain your customers and visitors at the reception, in the waiting area or temporarily at trade fairs and events with our indoor digital signage steles or LED walls. Today, digital signage is the most effective and fastest way to reach your target group with individual messages via networks of digital displays.

Digital guidance systems

Digital signposts, room management and designation systems.

Reception monitors

Reception monitors, placed in your lobby, offer an easy way to greet, inform and give orientation to your visitors. The welcome displays allow you to address both your staff and customers individually as they enter the building, engaging them and leaving a positive first impression. Content can be flexibly adapted to the time of day, the event and the number of visitors. You can address them as a target-group or individually and personal.

We create your desired templates for all occasions, which you can adapt quickly and easily yourself.

Digital infoboards

Digital information notice and display boards with or without touch function. Offering the possibility to communicate and distribute push messages, interact and inform. Multiply deployable in hotels, gastronomy, production for example to support technical procedures and make them visible to the workers.

Public Displays

More and more institutions show interest in large-size displays. Until now mainly chains and institutions were using them as public displays, but recently demand is increasing elsewhere, getting used in clinics, offices, conference rooms and even classrooms to inform customers about services or products.

Likewise, special offers, seminar and workshop information can be found on such displays.

Simple, inexpensive but high-quality displays that are centrally controlled by our digital signage software can be easily installed and put into operation, showing your content.
Our public displays are designed for long-term operation (24/7 or 18/7) and are also suitable for locations where the display has to show digital signage content for several hours.