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Digital signage products from ARVIS offer a wide range of possibilities for information, interaction and communication with staff and patients. Modern interactive possibilities make your operation and daily business easier by enabling both specific and broad presentation and communication. Topics ranging from screens introducing doctors and nursing staff to the menu of the restaurant. Every content is centrally controlled and communicated according to your planning, adapted to the respective wards, the day of the week or times. Just as requested. Direct system control makes both short-term action communication and the targeted allocation of specific information possible to do. Your staff and your patients will always be up-to-date.

Our ARVIS digital collaboration products can also enhance your meeting and training rooms with interactive solutions and tools that can facilitate the care and treatment of patients and the exchange between shifts.

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Product solutions

Interactive Touch Displays

Convey superior service and value. Interactive information touch displays for reception: with proximity sensors and facial recognition via cameras, you can draw attention to your offers, products and services and display personalized information.

Signposting and room maps
Interactive route description with background information.

Feedback forms
Customized evaluation forms to collect valuable customer feedback.

Innovative product presentation
Interactive and multimedia driven presentation of products, offers and services.

Impressive ambience
Interactive furniture, walls and floors with special effects that react to movement.

Public Displays

More and more institutions show interest in large-size displays. Until now mainly chains and public institutions were using them as public displays, but recently demand is increasing elsewhere, getting used in clinics, offices, conference rooms and even classrooms to inform patients about services or products.

Likewise, special offers, seminar and workshop information can be put on such displays.

Simple, inexpensive but high-quality displays that are centrally controlled by our digital signage software, can be easily installed and put into operation, showing your content.
Our public displays are designed for long-term operation (24/7 or 18/7) and are also suitable for locations where the display has to show digital signage content for several hours.

Video conferencing solutions

Working in today’s world means that it is all about collaboration. With help of ARVIS’ latest video conferencing solutions, teams can talk, send files, share screens and exchange ideas on interactive whiteboards. Therefore you meetings are simpler, increasingly productive and more enjoyable for everybody.

Our professional audio and video conferencing equipment is designed to give you a first-class meeting experience. Their controls are intuitive and the hardware is of the highest quality. Ranging from large staff meeting rooms to boardrooms, from training rooms to small meeting rooms, our solutions offer you reliable video conferencing

Our comprehensive conferencing solutions offer a consistent experience and can be implemented or complemented with various screens and interactive whiteboards. We also offer integrations of Skype for Business, Outlook, Cisco, Polycom, Slack, Hipchat and other options in our software, enabling a smooth workflow.

Digital door signs

Digital door signs directly connected to Outlook, IBM Lotus, Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365 ensure that your rooms are always signposted with the current information. CI/CD Templates are adaptable to achieve a visually appealing display and a comprehensive overview for employees and visitors.
Outlook Exchange, Google Calendar, IBM, Lotus Notes and Office 365 door signs simplify your company’s room signage and keep them with a few clicks always up to date. A very little effort for the perfect solution and overview.

Video conferencing solutions with smartboards

Video conferencing and interactive whiteboards support knowledge management. Knowledge is a valuable resource and can be an economic competitive advantage. Knowledge management becomes an increasingly important subject in small and medium-sized companies and institutions like schools, associations, organisations or doctors offices. Implying their need to identify, connect, evaluate and make the best possible strategic and operational use of the gathered knowledge.

Touch displays

Large multi-touch displays used as tables, information terminals or interactive shop windows for virtual product information in 24/7 operation, even during closure times and therefore needing to guarantee high reliability. If requested, we can also develop a tailor made customised solution, based on your needs and wishes.

Touch displays
Display of visitor information, practice and hospital news or canteen menus e.g.

Touch steles
Available in different sizes, colours and designs. Double-sided steles are also possible (the back of the touch steles can be provided with an individually printed design).

Multi-touch tables
Innovative design with multiple usability. Up to 10 touch points possible (several users at the same time).

Information terminals
Provide information barrier-free.