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Creating highlights and showcasing products.
«Customers are increasingly acting in a hybrid manner – we take this into account and offer solutions with real added value.»



ARVIS thinks digital – Displays show your products from their best side. Showcasing competitive advantage, customer-friendliness, generating added value. Available 24 hours a day, for example in shop windows or malls, independent of of actual opening hours.

Touch screens and displays with the latest promotions provide a varied shopping experience. We help you to integrate your action plans in your omnichannel marketing concept as part of a well thought-through customer communication.

To realize as many options as possible, the connection of channels, systems and data is a prerequisite for success. Our experts help you selecting the optimal hardware and software for your needs.

  • Driving visibility through different Points of Promotion, equipped with touch screens and tailor-made promotional tools
  • Concepts and implementation of pop-up stores
  • Technical configuration and equipment of conference and training rooms
  • Agency services for content productions incl. CMS software such as promotions, interactive product information, news, impressions and moods
  • Personal customer approach, with Smart Signage
  • Touch displays with software and content
  • Profit from the ARVIS expertise and enable a new form of brand and product perception at your POS, using the following networked tools.

Profit from the ARVIS expertise and enable a new form of brand and product perception at your POS, using the following networked tools.

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Product solutions

Menu and promotional displays

Give your guests the choice – and still remain in full control. As a restaurateur, you can enter new dishes/drinks, change prices or add pictures and important additional information such as allergens or legal additives via the administration interface. Guests increasingly want to know the origin of the meat and background information or learn more about the history of your team and restaurant. All of this is now very easily manageable and possible to adjust at any time.

Instore TV

Instore TV is an ideal reminder and amplifier of messages, especially in combination with other media at the point of sale. Besides your product advertising, the published program can contain other interesting information such as news, weather forecasts or useful consumer tips. Such TV displays are regularly found in checkout areas or in food departments. Instore TV installations are used in a variety of places ranging from small single stores to big chains, broadcasting professional branch TV programs to several thousand locations.

We tailor our product recommendation based on your needs and requests, always with the focus on security, stability, scalability and optimal usability.

Window displays

Window displays leave no room for compromise. In contrast to indoor applications, a luminous intensity of at least 2,500 cd/m² is necessary to defy both direct sunlight and double-mirrored glazing and to present your media content in a perfectly visible and professional manner. The special LCD crystals used in this type of display in combination with ventilation systems allow long-term colour fidelity.

We use the professional digital signage software of our partner, which impresses with an enormous range of functions and high stability. Its flexible screen layout options, detailed user management system and the possibility to integrate news and weather feeds enables the digital signage software for a very flexible professional use.

Outdoor advertising pillars

Outdoor advertising steles guide customers into your shop. Enabling a new form of brand perception with them. The chance to sustain, expand and stage your brand architecture and product with the help of digital signage is one of the core competences of Arvis Solution AG.

You guide your customers. Content can be adapted quickly and flexibly to situations and thus you can always provide the consumer with the desired information, advice and support.

Augment the outdoor pillars with interactive products to maximise the brand experience.

Indoor advertising pillars

We search and offer the optimal and most suitable steles for your company, help you with the content presentation design and install the necessary software.

Welcome, guide and entertain your customers and visitors at the reception, in the shop window, in the waiting area or temporarily at trade fairs and events with our indoor digital signage steles or LED walls. Today, digital signage is the most effective and fastest way to reach your target group with individual messages via interlinked digital displays.

Info terminals

Dynamic and flexible: You can move freely between topics and thus respond directly to individual audiences. This reactive approach creates a completely new way of communicating, which we call dialogue-oriented presenting.

The result? More meaningful conversations and better outcomes for both the presenter and the audience. Successful content delivery requires a compelling presentation, not only communicating a modern and innovative image of the company but also using the latest digital resources.

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Digital Signage as a highly effective channel for addressing customers.

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