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ARVIS Digital Solutions helps you to generate added value for your guests.



Modern. Captivating. Helpful. Lots of interactive experiences – Digital Signage in the hotel or restaurant business entertains and is packed with useful information. Advertise breakfast buffet, lunch menu or happy hour – with ARVIS vis solutions. Show clients the variety of your kitchen or available services in an easy manner, all centrally controlled with just a few mouse clicks. Present your offerings according to the days of the week and times of day. Profit from fast reaction times with digital short term promotions. Use your options, keeping your digital boards always and easily up-to-date.

  • Consultation, conception and implementation of your objectives and wishes
  • Digital signage for the hotel industry such as steles and public displays
  • Equipment for conference and training rooms
  • Agency services for content productions incl. CMS software such as menu boards, news, information, weather, timetables, slope reports, scenic impressions and moods in the guest area
  • Support and maintenance contracts
  • Touch displays with software and content

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Product solutions

Interactive Touch Displays

Convey superior service and value. Interactive information touch displays for the reception area: equipped with proximity sensors and facial recognition via cameras, you can draw attention to your offers, products and services and display personalized information.

Guidepost and room maps
Interactive route description with background information.

Feedback forms
Customized evaluation forms to collect valuable customer feedback.

Innovative product presentation
Interactive and multimedia presentation of products, offers and services.

Impressive ambience
Interactive furniture, walls and floors with special effects that react to movement.

Public Displays

More and more business sectors and institutions show interest in large-size displays. Until now mainly chains and institutions were using them as public displays, but recently demand is increasing elsewhere, getting used in restaurants, hotels, conference rooms and many other places. Functioning often not only as an information hub for visitors but as advertising space for local shops, special offers or cultural events in those locations. Getting the attention of the target group staying there.

Simple, inexpensive but high-quality displays that are centrally controlled by our digital signage software can be easily installed and put into operation, showing your content.

Our public displays are designed for long-term operation (24/7 or 18/7) and are also suitable for locations where the display has to show digital signage content for several hours.

Video conferencing solutions

Working in today’s world means that it is all about collaboration. With help of ARVIS’ latest video conferencing solutions, teams can talk, send files, share screens and exchange ideas on interactive whiteboards. Therefore you meetings are simpler, increasingly productive and more enjoyable for everybody.

Our professional audio and video conferencing equipment is designed to give you a first-class meeting experience. Their controls are intuitive and the hardware is of the highest quality.

Ranging from large staff meeting rooms to boardrooms, from training rooms to small meeting rooms, our solutions offer you reliable video conferencing and wireless presentations in every kind of location.

Our comprehensive conferencing solutions offer a consistent experience and can be implemented or complemented with various screens and interactive whiteboards. We also offer integrations of Skype for Business, Outlook, Cisco, Polycom, Slack, Hipchat and other options in our software, enabling a smooth workflow.

Digital Concierge

24-hour concierge as support tool in the hospitality industry. Guests are greeted on our interactive displays by a virtual concierge welcoming them and offering all kind of important informations about products, services and offers. With intuitive MultiTouch operation your visitors can easily and quickly obtain the information relevant to them, check in, book appointments and enquire about destinations in the immediate vicinity – 24 hours a day.

Hotel information
Present your hotel information and offers

No structural measures
No structural measures are required or needed for installment.

Room rates
Show daily room rates, promotions and events

Influence the customer experience positively with a FAQ terminal.

Steles and walls

We will recommend the suitable pillars for your company based on your requirements and location, help you with the presentation design and provide you with the appropriate software.

Welcome, guide and entertain your customers and visitors at the reception, in the shop window, in the waiting area or temporarily at trade fairs and events with our indoor digital signage steles or LED walls. Digital signage is the most effective and fastest way to reach your target group with individual messages via interlinked digital displays.

Smartboards for conference halls

Dynamic and flexible: One can move freely between topics. responding directly to individual audience requests. This reactive approach creates a completely new way of communication, which we named dialogue-oriented presenting.

The result? Achieving more meaningful conversations and improved experiences for both the presenter and the audience. Successful content placement requires compelling presentations that reflect a modern and innovative image of the company and use the latest digital resources.