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25. March 2021 | Digital Learning

Today’s young generation expects to receive a modern education using digital media. Arvis Digital Solutions promotes digital learning. We connect the various participants in educational facilities more closely with each other and thus help to exchange, share and promote knowledge, content and experience. Our considerable reference list shows that we have been successfully distributing and integrating future-proven communication and planning systems for schools, administration, municipalities and universities for over 16 years.  This also includes technical solutions such as digital whiteboards, conference systems but also advertising pillars with integrated touch displays. Our equipment, our advice and our customer support always meet the high demands of our clients in terms of quality and presenting forward looking approaches.

Teaching with PREDIA – also in the office

Predia devices and touchscreens were designed primarily for education. However, in the meantime the touchscreens are also very often used in the business world, for example in boardrooms, training rooms or offices.

As the exclusive Predia sales partner in Switzerland, Arvis can offer a high quality line of interactive screens. They are available in various designs and formats. Thus, it is always possible for us to find a perfect solution for our customer, ideally suited to his situation, needs and wishes. Thanks to its comprehensive software, the Predia screens are also very user-friendly and extremely practical to use. They support and facilitate professional and educational, didactic work.

Equipped with the latest technical specifications and Predia Qloud, the new Windows Look & Feel software, both the Predia touchscreens and screenboards are extremely versatile and can be cross-linked together.


Better writing, super fast

Anyone who writes on a digital medium would love to have the same feeling as when doing it on paper. With Predia Touch Swift, it is now possible to write more accurately and fluently than ever before because there is hardly any distance between the writing surface and the screen on which the image is displayed. This sets the viewing angle optimally and the cursor follows the finger or stylus very precisely. In addition, a new, faster touch technology and the improved, powerful Android module enable to work super-fast. It all feels just like writing on paper.

With Predia Touch Swift it is also easy for users to exchange notes with each other, import pictures directly from the Internet or stream content wirelessly from Apple and Windows devices, or perform any other of the practical applications available. The touch screen can be centrally managed and be quickly and easily updated with the latest software. Personalized system settings by users can also be easily saved and backed up.

The Predia Touch Swift also boasts a beautiful design with extra slim edges and no unnecessary buttons on the front. The remote control is equipped with frequently used functions. Screen settings such as freeze screen images, set to black, lock screen or adjust brightness and volume are easy to set and change.


ARCOS digital blackboard – the ideal system for practical digital learning environments

More than a screen – more than a blackboard: Digital tools and appliances should not replace analogue processes, but rather complement them in a really playful and simple way, for example by actively involving the participants. This way, nothing important gets lost during the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

ARCOS, the unique whiteboard system for modern teaching with electric height adjustment, replaces the tried and tested blackboard. Magnetic whiteboard writing surfaces are combined with new interactive screens – offering maximum adaptability to many wishes and needs through various designs, expansion stages and further options.


Learn more about Arvis and our product solutions, such as PREDIA, ARCOS, but also about other options like overhead projectors, visualizers, projection screens and other digital learning products available.

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