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17. December 2021 | Digital Signage

Kaspar Hess, Delegate of the Board of Directors, says “What we do today will determine tomorrow’s world. As an economist, I am convinced that social security, economic growth and the conservation of natural resources are not mutually exclusive. Rather, an equal coexistence and coexistence of social, economic and ecological goals forms the basis of sustainable development and helps to ensure our long-term existence. The growing needs of our customers help to select our ARVIS AV solutions with care and sustainability – so that your company can use both innovative and sustainable solutions with a clear conscience. For example, “repair instead of buying new”, we welcome this initiative from our manufacturer Samsung.

Smart questions for digital solutions in signage:

  • Does the medium suit my target group and my corporate identity?
  • Do I want to create a more pleasant atmosphere in my shop?
  • Should certain products / product groups / brands be advertised?
  • Would I like to inform, entertain or offer a combination of both?
  • Do I want that my customers stay in our business longer?
  • Cost control: What are the setup and monthly costs?
  • Do I want to attract the attention of my walk-in customers?

HARDWARE completely from Switzerland
We offer you proven hardware for indoor and outdoor areas and functional developments from the solutions of our development department. Our product range, which covers all areas of digital signage, offers all components of an individual and functional solution.

SOFTWARE – our CMS for your digital solution
With our CMS we provide a management system for digital signage content. Ease of use and user-friendliness are the focus here. As an integrator, we actively shape the process: CMS from ARVIS for controlling and managing device content, content development according to customer requirements and cloud-based hosting.

SUPPORT and maintenance
Hardware is already prepared and tested for your use. Our special support tools also make it possible to precisely control, log and monitor logistics processes: hardware setup and installation, content monitoring and on-site service, our support and our maintenance contracts with the “all-in service throughout Switzerland”.

We look forward to your inquiry: through our contact form, via or by phone +41 31 832 64 64