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First members of the so-called Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2010) have already entered the job market – more will follow in the coming years. For that reason, it is advisable and worthwile to get to know the mindset of this new generation. Especially as they will increasingly move from the education and training sector into the industry and business in the coming years. Generation Z differs drastically from the previous generation in some aspect as they are the first ones to have grown up in a virtual world with the internet and digital media. Their respective approach and daily interaction is to move fluidly from the online to the offline world and back.

The aces up our sleeves in digitalization – Generation Z

Unlike the older generation, they are permanently connected and can process a huge amount of information at the same time without getting tired. Social media such as Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and much more are part of their daily life. As the number of communication platforms and social networks keeps increasing, this generation is used to fighting through a large flood of advertising and information and is also able to filter everything immediately.

Corona Time is an opportunity to compensate for deficits

Shortcomings in present digital infrastructures have demonstrated to all of us last year that many companies and generations are not as digital astute as they thought. Primarily but not only for this reason, the Arvis Expert always tests and evaluates previous digital concepts of clients. The common goal has to be the implementation of a consistent long term digital solution through a sustainable transformation process, not a quick short term crisis management exercise.

The experts at Arvis – competent and forward-thinking

Arvis Digital Solutions focuses on smart networks in the field of digital learning, digital signage and digital collaboration. We offer high quality performance solutions to clients based on our process analysis and modular, digital system approach, efficiently and individually adaptable to environments and needs. Additionally, Arvis interactive software solutions enable the creation of suitable innovative content and active device management.

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