Digital future – so close? - Arvis Solution AG
26. May 2021 | Digital Collaboration

The pandemic had and has many ups and downs. Many managing directors can be proud of their company who have shown the agility to adapt and face new challenges. Know-how in relation to digital technologies is growing. Working with our customers, many of whom have chosen an Arvis solution, has helped us identify and implement many trends. These findings also help us to meet the constantly growing needs of our wide range of customers. They are not only relevant today, but also help your company to become even stronger in the short term if everyone continues to grow together digitally and networked.

This is how you stay close to your customers

Professional online meetings allow uncomplicated, efficient, flexible collaboration and perfect coordination with other locations and teams. Process-based modular solutions for successful collaboration in your company. Wherever you are.

Video conferencing: being able to meet, communicate and exchange knowledge anywhere, anytime. Video conferencing enables employees to collaborate across different devices, offices, and time zones.

Moderate. Present. Fascinate.

With the use of presentation technology, attention is focused and the audience is involved. With the modular collaboration systems you can easily structure, interact and communicate interactively.

  • Audio and video systems
  • Displays of all sizes and CMS software
  • Tools such as visualizers, controllers, etc.
  • Interactive whiteboards / smartboards
  • ARCOS – the digital board tailored to you
  • Projectors and screens, according to your needs
  • Support and maintenance contracts
  • Content productions

Take advantage of the opportunities to redefine your company with innovation: