Impossible to get lost? - Arvis Solution AG
16. June 2021 | Digital Signage

In public buildings, people particularly need good orientation and security, especially in emergency situations. For many health centers, hospitals and public houses, this is not that easy. There are constant changes to the office hours, training rooms, new instructions and much more. Communication can only take place digitally and dynamically here. Professional, digitally implemented wayfinding systems serve to improve staff, patients and visitors.

They create security and clarity and save considerable time and money in dealing with the large number of people.

Arvis solutions:

For example, our little slim one knows the way: Arvis DS 24 indoor

Not only the technology has continuously improved, but also its integration and especially the possibilities of how quickly people can be informed. It is not only the quality but also the design that is decisive. Slimmer designs offer a pleasant form of presentation, are more economical and look more contemporary than any other. They are also easy to use and include hosting and software.

Exclusive – developed and produced by Arvis Solutions

At Arvis Solutions you can find the complete solution in the modular expansion system. Here you can quickly and easily ensure that the way is found if placed appropriately.

What we at Arvis understand by a complete solution: We would be happy to inform you