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15. April 2021 | Digital Signage

Our small and slender one can do everything: Arvis DS 24 Indoor Stele


The latest generation of communication is here – the broad spectrum of digital signage has developed rapidly in recent years. Not only has the technology continuously improved, but also its integration and especially the ways in which customers can be addressed.


One of the most decisive factors for the success or failure of the steles system is its visual appearance. Not only quality, but also design is a crucial factor here. Slimmer designs offer a pleasant form of presentation and appear more contemporary than all the others. People simply look at it more willingly.


Exclusive product range, developed and produced by Arvis Solutions.


Slimline digital steles are state of the art. Surveys tell us that a design-oriented look is becoming increasingly important, for example in shopfitting, malls or simply in a fashion boutique. They are no longer simply placed somewhere, but merge with their surroundings in terms of form, design and content in a pleasant way. Special shops like an organic food store can also benefit from the Arvis DS 24s, especially as it can work as an information and content communication tool for the advertised goods. It is a major attraction that tells, informs, welcomes. What else do you need?


The minimalist, elegant design, paired with functionality, offers many possible uses – as a signpost, greeting system, information or advertising terminal, display stand or whatever is desired.


At Arvis Solutions one can find the suitable and complete digital signage solution for every need with our modular extension system. Any advertising message can be placed simply and quickly – easy to handle including hosting and software.


What we at Arvis understand by complete solution: We will be happy to inform you arvis.ch