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16. February 2021 |

Successful Digital Signage implementation

The use of Digital Signage has become increasingly important in recent years and functions as a modern communication channel that reproduces selected content in a targeted and timed manner. Schools and universities display digital timetables, absences and menu plans of the school canteen via monitors, real estate agents present their offers via LCD screens in the shop window and restaurants can adjust their offers automatically according to the time of day. Digital Signage as a highly effective channel for addressing customers.

Unfortunately, planning for Digital Signage solutions is often underestimated, resulting in inefficient use of resources.

Define goals
All efforts are in vain if digital signage solutions without pre-defined goals. Knowing your options, which range from LCD screens to kiosk systems to video screens to tablet PCs, helps pre-select and points you in a direction. Some incentives to find the right hardware and software solution:

  • Does the medium fit my target group and my corporate identity?
  • Do I want to create a more pleasant ambience in my store?
  • Do I want to promote specific products/product groups/brands?
  • Do I want to inform, entertain or offer a combination of both?
  • Do I want my customers to stay longer in the store?
  • Cost control: what are the setup and monthly costs?
  • Do I want to increase the attention of my walk-in customers?
  • Quality absolutely over quantity – less is more. Scaling is possible at any time.

Selection of Digital Signage solutions
Technical aspect: Is training necessary when implementing the system or can the introduction be intuitive? Technical information from the respective providers helps to determine whether the technical effort is compatible with your own resources. For SME’s there are special, fixed packages for an easy entry into the digital signage world.

Price model
Prices are often not communicated directly, as they are calculated individually depending on the scope of the project. You can inform them in advance if the provider offers complete solutions, only provides the hardware or software.

Product Features
Does the product meet my determined requirements? Free trial versions help as well as a consulting service of great advantage to get an impression of the different offers and functions. What solutions does the digital signage market offer in general?

No added value without the right content
Before large investments are made, the advertising content / information content should be defined. The creation has to be target group oriented. Not distracting from physical products, but supporting their presentation. Dynamic content that lets the consumer perform a planned action, calls-to-action, and thus leads to the desired goal is the best choice.

We accompany you – from the idea to the target definition, implementation and support. Let us advise you without obligation!