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What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage describes digital communication via individual or networked touchpads, screens, displays and multiscreens. Digital signage is the most effective and fastest way to reach people regionally, nationally or globally with individual messages. With digital messages such as advertising content, product or company information, you always reach your target group in an up-to-date, immediate and sustainable way.

Digital signage literally means „digital signage“. Technically, this means the combination of displays and loudspeakers with computer and network technology. A simple digital signage solution includes the following components:

  • One or more displays or touch screens
  • A digital signage software for content creation and distribution (Content Management System – CMS)
  • A mini PC or media player for playing the content to be published
  • A network connection such as LAN, W-LAN or 3G/UMTS

In addition to all hardware components necessary for operation, you will also receive comprehensive services regarding installation and commissioning of the systems. We are happy to help with the implementation and provision of your content (content production). We offer complete industry solutions and provide you with comprehensive advice.

Why Digital Signage?

With our innovative products, services and services we support you in the publication of your brand and products.

  • There are no follow-up costs as with short-lived print and no dependencies on suppliers and service providers
  • Instruments for new customer acquisition and customer retention can be easily integrated into the digital signage solution
  • Digital signage solutions offer enormous possibilities for the transfer of information compared to conventional advertising media.
  • Communicate professionally prepared content and advertising at any time, simply and efficiently
  • Automatic updating and time management ensures that the most current products and services are always advertised

What is a smartboard or an interactive whiteboard?

In simple terms, a smartboard is an electronic board connected to a PC or laptop. As a rule, finger touches are interpreted as mouse input, while pens can be used to write or draw on or directly in applications.

  • Basically, 3 simple rules apply:
  • The finger is the mouse
  • A pen writes
  • The sponge erases everything handwrittenThe combination of smartboard/interactive whiteboard, PC, and software results in an easy-to-use instrument that combines the following advantages:
  • PC and beamer
  • Flipchart
  • Multmedia
  • For experienced users, the activation of touch recognition makes working even more natural.

The board automatically recognizes what the user wants to do and independently switches between mouse, writing and erasing, so that, for example, erasing can also be done by hand without changing tools or functions.

Was ist Medientechnik?

In an increasingly complex work environment, networking and globalization via the Internet, technology must continue to support from the background and not become an end in itself, the operation of which poses problems for some. Seamless integration and simple, intuitive operation are becoming increasingly important.

We will be happy to advise you on what makes sense in your company and what offers you the best added value for your budget. It is not only in large companies that up-to-date technology – especially through standardization – promotes more effective and efficient teamwork.

Media technology includes components from audio, to the necessary hardware, to software and support options.

What is a video conference?

Video conferencing enables real-time exchange of two or more participants at different locations via audio and video communication. Video conferencing can be conducted in specially equipped rooms or with desktop systems and mobile devices.

In a videoconference, two or more participants exchange information with each other via video and audio connections. The participants in the conference can be in completely different locations. The data is transmitted in real time via a digital communications network with the broadest possible bandwidth. IP networks and the Internet are often used for this purpose.

What is AV technology?

Serve people through sound and image. These can be digital or – and this is a clear difference to IT – analog. A whiteboard, for example, is just as much an AV medium as a large-format LED display or a video projector.

Classic AV media include cameras, projectors, recorders, sound systems and displays of all kinds. However, the term AV technology refers not only to the technology of the media itself, but also to the management of these. This dimension adds aspects such as system integration, signal distribution or cloud computing.

What training courses does Arvis offer?

Customized product training for your maintenance personnel or content entry staff.

Smartboards/interactive whiteboards/ARCOS
For whiteboard users, we offer a variety of courses that make the step into the multimedia age much easier.

Our course instructors are all pedagogically trained teachers. Course participants have time to practice directly on the Interactive Whiteboard. Part of the practical exercises is the creation of a teaching sequence that can be used on the next school day. We attach great importance to individual support and are available to advise course participants on any questions or hurdles they may encounter.

Our courses are held in the schools directly, in one of our partner schools or on request in the premises of ARVIS AG in Kerzers. We offer a wide range of course sequences, which you can choose yourself

Outdoor displays

The advertising is integrated into people’s lifeworld, is part of the cityscape, and is not distracting. Another advantage is that users do not have to be online to consume digital messages. Outdoor advertising is the only traditional advertising medium that has grown worldwide in the last ten years (Magna/Rapport); in Germany, net advertising expenditure has risen by five percent in each of the last five years. This development is due to the spread of digital screens.

Outdoor display sales are going. However, this is not the most important element for optimum readability. The key concept here is contrast, a term that refers to different levels of brightness between the lighter white pixels and the darker black pixels. We can provide you with expert advice on the possibilities.

How does the Digital Signage software work?

To be able to publish impressive digital signage content, you need powerful and reliable digital signage software. To control the content centrally and to distribute, update and monitor it on any number of displays. With the right digital signage software, content management is simple, fast and intuitive.

This is how digital signage software works:

1. text, image, video files, content from servers, databases, Internet or ready-made templates and interactive applications constitute the media collection,.

2. after your content is uploaded, permissions can be given, e.g. your agency can edit the images and marketing can edit the texts.

3. now the different media can be placed in the image area, scaled in size and divided into certain areas. The background, font colors and font can be adjusted and animated effects and transitions can be used for the different media.

4. the final result is checked by you in the preview mode before publishing.

5. the created content can now be published on all displays integrated in the network and, if necessary, can be operated interactively by the viewer.

6. certain applications make it possible to analyze user behavior and thus contribute to increasing the quality of service.

How do I produce content for Digital Signage?

The relevance of contemporary, varied and high-quality content is often underestimated. However, it is the most important aspect of any digital signage solution. The overall success of a digital signage solution depends on the timeliness and quality of the content. Only through adequate content do digital signage solutions achieve their effect and generate the desired success. We develop holistic, customized concepts for successful digital content. The design always takes your needs and ideas into account. As a result, you receive high-quality, functional and impressive content based on the briefings provided to our media designers.

  • Static or dynamic product and advertising spots
  • Animated image or product videos, in combination with current RSS feeds such as news
  • Weather forecasts, stock quotes, event offers
  • And much more